Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 53

COUNTRY FOCUS : UK that could be exploited for fraudulent transactions and identify theft .
“ A report from the Department for Digital , Culture , Media & Sport shows that while cyberattacks are becoming more frequent , only 13 % of businesses are using managed IT providers to review security risks .
“ In addition , the National Cyber Security Centre ( NCSC ), a part of GCHQ , has published guidance for local authorities on how to secure connected places and notes that critical public services need to be protected from disruption .”
Bechkoum highlights that one of the biggest challenges for Smart City progression is a lack of technical skills , local authority funding , regulatory hurdles for large-scale projects and low public trust in digital initiatives .
Bechkoum . “ To address this , councils and city planners should always invest in the data security of their cities ’ critical infrastructure to minimise risk and ensure reliable and secure smart systems .”
Bechkoum emphasises the importance of employing frameworks that promote a common security language wherever possible and feature protocols for ‘ Industry 4.0 ’ – shorthand for industrial digitalisation – that :
• Identify specific security levels between cooperating partners and companies across a supply chain , covering the three essential cybersecurity components : People ; processes ; and technologies
• Include rigorous , transparent and replicable testing of all new tools and technologies before they are introduced
“ Research has found that security and privacy concerns have been raised about the use of Smart City technologies , particularly those that collect data about citizens ’ behaviour , public services or critical infrastructure .
“ Smart City projects may also raise inequality issues if the benefits or projects are not experienced equally by rural and urban communities , of if they disadvantage those without digital skills or access to digital technology such as smart phones .
“ The weakest link in any chain can have detrimental effects for an entire urban environment ,” said
“ These points are the minimum steps to take when introducing Smart City living protocols ,” he continued . “ Longer term , if the UK is to move forward in the current hybrid divide that exists between office and home-working driven by the COVID-19 pandemic , there is an urgent need for legislative authorities and organisations to address their Digital Transformation plans .
“ Ultimately , these actions are best guided by a strategy which addresses data-gathering legalities and key cybersecurity components to ensure risk is appropriately managed at every stage of the process ,” said Bechkoum . p
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