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A ‘ Smart City ’ can be defined as a city which has undergone a transformational project driven by Information Technology to improve the standard of living in certain areas , usually urban areas . Here , we take a closer look at a report issued by UK Parliament which delves deeper into the innovation element of these projects and the benefits on offer . We also hear from Kamal Bechkoum , Head of the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Gloucestershire , UK , who discusses some of the challenges posed , from a cybersecurity and data perspective .

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London Tower Bridge panorama during sunset , UK

Smart City development in the UK is quite obviously behind the curve in comparison to other countries worldwide . The UAE , KSA and the EU are all shining examples of what Smart City development should look like and the UK has all the tools to enable it to follow in their footsteps .

Research by UK Parliament published at the end of last year considers the factors driving the adoption of Smart City technologies and the potential benefits , barriers and risks associated with their implementation . The research outlines some of the projects that have been run across the UK , which are inclusive of Belfast , Birmingham , Bristol , Glasgow , Hull , Manchester , Milton Keynes , London and Peterborough . Some of the key technologies included in Smart City projects are ones such as sensors , which help to collect data to measure air quality , for example . Communication technologies are also utilised as smart cities require communication networks to transmit data .
According to the research , ‘ Developments in computing are making it possible to rapidly process large quantities of data , improving the efficiency of Smart City systems and facilitating novel applications .’ More specifically , cloud computing , Edge Computing and data analysis methods such as Digital Twins are all contributing to this development .
Some of the potential benefits analysed in the report highlight the economic benefits of Smart City projects , such as the creation of new jobs and an improvement
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