Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 48

82 % of IT managers feel decisionmaking is hampered by data fragmentation , particularly data availability and inconsistency issues .
Getting to grips with data integration
Data integration is all about selecting the right tools for the job . Every business has different needs and budgets , so ask yourself some of the following questions before you make a start – the answers will define what you want . You may also realise in this process that you already own the tools you need , idling their metaphorical engines as they are not being used at full capacity .
Some questions to ask when selecting a data integration platform :
• Is it likely to have legacy components you ’ ll need to worry about ? Is it self-upgrading ?
• How scalable is it ? Will it flex to your needs if they change ?
• How much skill is needed to use it ? Is it so complex that no one except the IT department can understand it ?
• Is it AI- and ML-enabled to help speed up the process and support compliance with GDPR and other regulations ?
Think about those answers before making any decisions . Data integration is for life , not just for Christmas – you don ’ t want to be paying again and again for something that doesn ’ t work for your business .
Next steps
As with any situation that feels overwhelming , the best thing to do is break it down into manageable steps . For CIOs struggling to control the flow and volume of data within their business , data integration offers a clean slate that unifies siloes , puts clear rules and boundaries in place and starts to deliver results almost instantly . The process also reveals instances of duplication or under-utilisation in the system – platforms or tools brought in by different teams and departments that all do essentially the same job , or running at only a fraction of their full potential . This is a great opportunity to make cost savings and fully use the platforms you ’ re already paying for . If you discover you have a Porsche already sitting in the garage – now is the time to drive it . p
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