Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 44

business and look externally to consider necessary data flow to customers and other stakeholders . Look at access controls and to what degree systems

CIOS ARE FACING THE NEED TO MANAGE , CONNECT AND SECURE A CONSTANTLY MOVING PICTURE AS A TUMULTUOUS MACRO ENVIRONMENT LEADS TO EVER-EVOLVING INTERNAL PRIORITIES . are currently integrated – or not . Most likely , it ’ ll be the latter . To reach the end goal of simplification , you need to build an end-to-end architecture that can monitor , detect , remediate and measure compliance across the stack . Individual tooling that covers just one part of that will only continue to serve as a headache for the business as the integration of that data with other tools will require more manual heavy lifting .

Create the roadmap
Now that you have complete visibility of system architecture , an understanding of business goals and how the current stack may or may not be aligned with that , and where the gaps , overlaps or bottlenecks may be – the roadmap should begin . This is the stage to plan out how to reduce the organisation ’ s risk posture over time and recognise that this will be a continuous process . You ’ ll be operating from a moving picture as the business continues to scale and pivot and introduce new complexities into the environment , so you ’ ll need to remain focused and yet agile in your pursuit .
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