Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 28

To manage an increasingly complex Digital Transformation journey , businesses need simple and flexible IT solutions . Lenovo ’ s solutions provide organisations the breadth of Everything-as-a-Service offerings in Lenovo TruScale ; the flexibility to pay for the infrastructure solutions they need , as long as they need ; and the depth in our expertise and services that empower CIOs to focus more on their strategic imperatives . Businesses of all sizes need the flexibility to stay competitive , and a scalable , cloud-like solution model is the answer .
Industry forecasts by Technology Business Research indicate that Device Subscription
Fieldwork for this study was conducted via a quantitative survey from December 6 , 2021 to December 21 , 2021 , among a total of 525 global CIOs . The survey sample comprised of a near equal number of respondents from each market : Brazil , China , Japan , Singapore , the UK and the US . Respondents included CIOs of companies and organisations with at least 250 total employees .
Nearly all CIOs surveyed believe their roles have evolved and expanded in the past few years and that they are being asked to make business decisions that go far beyond technology .
Services are growing at a CAGR of 26 % from 2020 to 2024 and data centre subscription services are growing at 42 % during the same period . As-a- Service solutions provide mission-critical support and services , enabling businesses to use technology to scale quickly , lower costs and reap greater efficiencies . With its flexible and simple offerings , Lenovo has helped organisations from the education to aerospace sectors optimise the right technology with the potential to transform and futureproof their operations . p
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