Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 54 - Page 23

2 . Select Your Racking Style
Depending on your room design and equipment requirements , there are multiple methods of supporting and protecting your cabling infrastructure and technology equipment .
Consider :
How much floor and ceiling space is needed in order to easily move around your systems and maintain proper clearances ?
Select two-post racks for a cost-effective and efficient use of floor space . Open four-post racks are superior when supporting larger equipment such as modular network switches . If floor space isn ’ t a concern , data center cabinets combine structural support , security and airflow management benefits for an even more robust solution .
Who will have access to the room ?
If people other than IT personnel will have access to the room , select data center cabinets with perforated , locking doors . If your company deals with private data such as finance , health care and the like , consider an RFID electronic lock solution that allows you to keep a record of every cabinet access attempt and tamper . Remember , cabinets take up more floor space than a standard , open two-post rack . p
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