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As the central infrastructure that enables network connections and distributed cabling in commercial buildings , the telecommunications room ( TR ) must be planned and designed thoughtfully to support future network growth and new technology advancements .

In an effort to help the IT professionals in charge of this process get started , Chatsworth Products ( CPI ) has translated its 30 years of experience helping customers power and protect their technology investments into five useful tips for planning and designing a successful TR .
1 . Define the Main Purpose
Whether you want a bright and spacious TR that enables quick and organized moves , adds and changes ( MACs ), or a high-tech room that aims to occupy as much or as little physical footprint as possible to maximize utilization , it ’ s important to zero in on the main purpose and use of the TR .
Consider :
Will you be doing a lot of work in your TR ?
Go with a bright white room and white finish for your racks and cabinets , cable managers and cable pathway . White is highly reflective and helps brighten narrow equipment rows , provides better visibility and allows for less lighting to reduce energy costs . It ’ s also widely known for being timeless and “ always in style .”
Will the TR be used as a showcase to demonstrate your company ’ s values and aesthetics when it comes to technologies and equipment ?
Quality , fit and function don ’ t need to be compromised by a beautifully designed TR . Working with vendors that commit to addressing both the technical and aesthetic requirements of the room can help ensure that the more you choose to personalize your TR with custom colors and uniquely designed infrastructure , the more your customers will understand your company ’ s core technology values .
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