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Dragos is excited to present the fifth year of the annual Dragos Year In Review report on Industrial Control System ( ICS )/ Operational Technology ( OT ) cyber threats , vulnerabilities , assessments , and incident response observations . The ICS / OT * community has long suffered from more anecdotes on security than insights driven from data and real-world cases given the sensitivity of the subject . A lack of insights into the ICS / OT threat landscape and state of security prevent the community from having meaningful discussions on how to address today ’ s challenges . The Dragos Year in Review report was launched with the intent to add ground-truth reality into the discussion as an attempt to move the conversation and security efforts forward .
In 2021 , the industrial community attracted high-profile attention . Headlines range from the compromise of a water treatment facility with intent to poison its community , to a ransomware attack against a pipeline operator that disrupted gas supplies to the southeastern United States . These reports underscored the potentially devastating outcomes a security breach of infrastructure could have on communities and a country ’ s economy . Beyond these public examples , there are numerous other matters that were never made public . Industrial organizations are becoming aware that they no longer fully understand the security risks surrounding their most important assets – their ICS / OT environments .
This report captures how a portion of the industrial community is performing and progressing , and highlights the areas that need improvement to provide safe , reliable operations into 2022 and beyond . p
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