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Humans have a lot of commonalities – we ’ re basically the same and where we differ adds value and diversity of thoughts and ideas . By first knowing more about the people you work with , you can inspire them to achieve by having fun while you ’ re doing something hard . Encouraging people to stretch , to reach and to aim high for their goals is deeply connected to my own personal brand belief .
What do you think has emerged as the technology trend of 2022 and why ?
There ’ s no doubt that technological connection is more in demand than ever , fuelled by global cloud adoption and a rise in data consumption . Data centres are shouldering the burden of this growing demand .
The world needs more data management systems ranging from simple meeting solutions to complex computational solutions with cloud servers , and CAI has a special responsibility to protect the world ’ s information . as well as cell and gene therapies that will revolutionise hard-to-treat diseases and deliver individualised pharmaceutical treatments is the mission of our clients – and we serve them relentlessly . Improving the human experience is at the core of our playbook .
We are also committed to our people . CAI is a global company with a very diverse workforce . We work in the spaces ( offices and factories ) of other companies as we serve them , so we find ourselves in many diverse places and among many diverse people . In addition , CAI is built on relationships . We serve people and the intellectual talent of our employees is our value proposition .
Our service has to be built on trusted relationships . Trust is established by knowing who we ’ re serving , them knowing us deeply , and then providing a high-level performance . As such , we must possess the power to integrate ourselves and our talent into varying corporate cultures and geographies and the ability to quickly adapt .
The data centre industry has done much to ‘ design-in ’ excellent levels of availability and uptime and , provided the design intent is achieved , those facilities should operate quite seamlessly .
However , don ’ t forget the impact of humans , as history will tell us that human error can bring a system to its knees . In this regard , it ’ s critical that the industry embraces operational readiness and operational excellence to enable the successful delivery and operation of the forecasted data centre growth projections for the next five years .
What do you currently identify as the major areas of investment in your industry ?
CAI is committed to helping people and improving the human experience . At the heart of this is our focus on the life sciences , particularly the pharmaceutical industry . Bringing vaccines and other therapeutics to the world
Imagine how quickly an experience with a client could deteriorate if the key learnings above aren ’ t applied well . And imagine how quickly an experience with a client could blossom if our global learnings are applied .
How do you deal with stress and unwind outside of the office ?
Family and the land . My wife and I have a house in the country on some land and I enjoy the chance to get outside with my dog and spend time in the woods .
What are the region-specific challenges when implementing new technologies in Europe ?
It ’ s always important to remember Europe is a great collection of cultures and history . Having a location-specific approach to technology design and implementation will often signal the difference between success and failure .
What advice would you offer somebody aspiring to obtain a C-level position in your industry ?
Take risks and be present in sensing and responding to what ’ s going on in the market . Be bold and don ’ t shy away from launching into new places but be aware that once your company ’ s presence is larger , no one person can do it all . You can ’ t apply large company rules to a medium-size company – and vice versa . Spread out decision-making to the right people at the right time . This is crucial . Ask for input , listen and make decisions based on the collective input . p
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