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One in five UK employees involved in data security breaches at work behaviours and experiences , reveals that more than half ( 56 %) use personal devices to access company data and systems , on average , three times a week . Amongst this group , four in 10 ( 42 %) say their organisation does not enforce a security policy to control how personal devices can interact with sensitive information .

The results also show that 91 % of the employees who have been involved in a security incident use personal devices to access sensitive data while at work , with half of this group ( 51 %) doing so without adhering to a robust device security policy .

One in five employees in the UK have been directly involved in a security breach or loss of sensitive data , according to research from Impero Software – a leading provider of software solutions that help people learn , work and connect safely online .

The research , based on a survey of 2,000 employees about their cybersecurity
The average UK worker accesses company and customer data four times a week and employee data two times a week , with a third using between three and five different Internet-connected devices at any one time .

Transformational 5G hubs announced in Aberdeen and Kilmarnock

The Scotland 5G Centre ( S5GC ) continues expanding its

S5GConnect Programme by announcing that two 5G innovation hubs will be located in Aberdeen and Kilmarnock .
The Scotland 5G Centre is building a platform to drive investment . This launch will mark the fourth and fifth S5GConnect hubs , following the announcement of hubs in Forth Valley , Dundee and Scotland ’ s first rural hub in Dumfries . These new 5G innovation hubs will continue to support economic growth through the deployment and adoption of 5G technology , supported by a £ 4 million investment from the Scottish Government .
Based in ONE Tech Hub , the new hub in Aberdeen is a partnership with Opportunity North East . In Ayrshire , HALO Kilmarnock will be the lead partner and the hub will be hosted in The HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre at The HALO Digital & Cyber Innovation Park .
The hubs will act as ‘ business enablers ’ intended to accelerate strategic partnerships with key customers in the regions , to leverage new applications and services , enabled through 5G connectivity . Specialist staff will support companies to develop , prototype and test real-world applications and use cases over a 5G innovation platform , gain one-to-one consultancy and professional support to develop and scale businesses at no initial cost to the user .
Since launching the first three hubs , The Scotland 5G Centre has engaged with over 400 businesses on the transformational benefits of 5G technology . The new hubs will promote innovation and investment , focusing on sectors relevant to the Ayrshire and Aberdeen economies , including energy , offshore and ports .
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