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Samsung and Western Digital to drive standardisation of nextgeneration storage technologies

Samsung and Western Digital have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) for a unique collaboration to standardise and drive broad adoption of next-generation data placement , processing and fabrics ( D2PF ) storage technologies . The companies will initially focus on aligning their efforts and creating a vigorous ecosystem for Zoned Storage solutions . These steps will enable the industry to focus on countless applications that ultimately create greater value for customers .

This marks the first time that both Samsung and Western Digital have come together as technology leaders to create widespread alignment and stimulate awareness of important storage technologies . Focusing on enterprise and cloud applications , the partnership is expected to spur a range of collaborations around technology standardisation and software development for D2PF technologies like Zoned Storage . With this collaboration , end-users can have confidence that these emerging storage technologies will have support from multiple device vendors as well as from vertically integrated hardware and software companies .
“ Storage is the essential foundation for how people and businesses consume and use data . To enable today ’ s needs and tomorrow ’ s next big ideas , we must innovate , collaborate and keep pace as an industry in bringing new standards and architectures to life ,” said Rob Soderbery , EVP and GM , Flash Business Unit at Western Digital . “ For a technology ecosystem to be successful , overall frameworks and general solution models must come together so they do not suffer from fragmentation , which delays adoption and adds unnecessary complexity for software stack developers .
“ For years Western Digital has been laying the foundation for the Zoned Storage ecosystem by contributing to the Linux kernel and open-source software community . We are excited to bring these contributions to this joint initiative with Samsung in facilitating wider adoption of Zoned Storage for users and application developers .”
“ This collaboration is a testament to our relentless effort to exceed customers ’ needs now and in the future and holds special meaning in how we anticipate it will actively grow into a larger basis of engagement for Zoned Storage standardisation ,” said Jinman Han , Corporate EVP , Head of Memory Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics . “ Our collaborative efforts will embrace hardware and software ecosystems to ensure that as many customers as possible can reap the benefits of this highly important technology .” p
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