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La Marina de València will digitise electricity and water supply for boats with Telefónica Tech

La Marina de València , the maritime district of innovation and creativity , is making great strides towards becoming a port 4.0 . The latest project , developed with the help of Telefónica Tech , consists of transforming the traditional supply posts for boats into intelligent points .

It is a pilot system based on the use of Telefónica Tech ’ s IDoT technology , which brings together technologies related to cybersecurity , cloud computing , certification and 5G connectivity . The system also uses CapaciCard to facilitate the identification of both users and devices and includes a Blockchain layer to guarantee the immutability of data .
The project was presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona , which was attended by the Director of Strategy of La Marina de València , José Frasquet and the Heads of Seafaring And Security of the Valencian dock , Manuel Michel and Joaquín Romero .
Consumption control and digital management
The new intelligent supply towers will allow the user to link their smartphone to the supply point , in order to control and manage the consumption of their vessel via an app .
In terms of port management , this system will provide greater agility and will allow consumption to be measured remotely by means of a technological platform , which at the same time will offer new services to customers , such as Internet access and information of interest on their vessels and facilities in real-time . La Marina currently has around 1,000 recreational boating moorings that are managed manually .
This innovative system also has an important link to sustainability , one of the priorities of La Marina de València , as the new supply points will enable the early detection of possible freshwater leaks from boats , among other common problems .
“ We intend to make a qualitative leap in our mooring service for boats , placing us at the forefront of ports 4.0 ,” said José Frasquet , Strategic Director of La Marina de València . “ In addition , this digitalisation will allow us to obtain information that we didn ’ t have until now in order to respond to needs and problems .”
“ This is an innovative project in which Telefónica Tech uses its disruptive and patented technologies to help digitally transform the nautical sector ,” said Sergio de los Santos , Director of Innovation and the Cybersecurity and Cloud Lab at Telefónica Tech . “ It is another example of how technology contributes to creating more efficient and sustainable systems .”
La Marina de València is a field of experimentation of new technologies aimed at improving use and sustainability ; it is a maritime district of innovation and creativity . p
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