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Thales and Redcentric provide secure connectivity to support healthcare industry

In response to increased demand at the onset of the pandemic , Redcentric , one of the UK ’ s leading IT managed service providers , had to quickly scale its connectivity solutions . Rising to the challenge , Thales launched a full-scale rollout of its cloud-based Access and Management and Authentication platform to support Redcentric ’ s need for increased and secure connectivity solutions , while also meeting compliance issues on protecting access to sensitive services .

Nowhere saw more impact and strain as a result of the pandemic than the healthcare industry . As a managed service provider with a particular focus on healthcare , at the height of COVID-19 , Redcentric was faced with the need to deliver a solution that could cope with increasing demand from customers .
Redcentric worked tirelessly to help alleviate that strain , rapidly scaling its connectivity solution . The provider turned to its long-term partner , Thales , and the organisation was able to scale its cloud-based Access and Management and Authentication platform , SafeNet Trusted Access , authenticating all software and cloud applications across multiple platforms and devices .
By validating identities , enforcing access policies and applying smart single sign-on , the service ensured secure , convenient access to numerous cloud and web-based applications . Addressing Redcentric ’ s need for an instantly scalable and reliable solution throughout healthcare organisations across the public sector , including NHS Trusts such as NHS South , Central and West Commissioning Support Unit .
“ The pandemic has put every industry under pressure , with the world being driven online and organisations having to keep going under a variety of different guidelines ,” said Dirk Geeraerts , EMEA Regional Director of Access Management Products at Thales . “ Amid the increased risk associated with remote working and employees accessing systems outside of the traditional network perimeter , our solution provides scalability , flexibility and reliability in this digital-first world . The SafeNet Trusted Access service has allowed Redcentric to massively up-scale the delivery of its solutions to meet the demand created by the pandemic .”
“ Thales has been a fantastic partner to work with in terms of our goal to support the healthcare industry during this unparalleled time ,” added Marc Roberts , Head of Network Solutions at Redcentric . “ We need solid suppliers to ensure we ’ re able to deliver the best solutions to our customers , it ’ s not a one-way street and we need a partner to make this work and Thales is that . They took everything in their stride and delivered not only the scalability we needed but more importantly the reliability we strive for too . With the SafeNet Trusted Access baked into our existing products , our customers now have the peace of mind that they can access services securely , wherever they are .” p
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