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CASE STUDY fulfil effectively for that customer while we ’ re doing it well for everyone else . And so that instrumentation on the device helps us to help our customers .
Can you tell us more about how the Dynatrace platform has enabled you to deliver top-notch user experiences for your customers ?
look at that very systematically and take a very datadriven approach to question what customers do with us – what matters most to them and therefore how do we put that on the app or on the web front so that they can progressively consume us at their convenience , rather than just when we ’ re open .
What does the future hold for TSB Bank ?
Dynatrace has been very helpful in quickly identifying service issues and pinpointing the location to help us fix fast . Secondly , the Dynatrace instrumentation allows us to focus on performance – to fix performance issues as and when they occur so that the customer service is improved . Sometimes it could just be for a second , a minute , five minutes . Sometimes it could be a lowgrade issue that we use the Dynatrace tool to boost service and fix going forward .
As one of the UK ’ s leading banks , what are some of your key priorities when it comes to Digital Transformation and how do you ensure you operate with these in mind ?
For customers , the first thing when you have a digital waterfront is that you ’ re always available . That ’ s the minimum requirement . I think trust is very highly correlated with stability and availability these days . And if you look past that and assume that most of us are operating at a pretty similar level , then the second thing is how many problems are you able to help with . We
A couple of things . One is we ’ ve invested in a really good technology marketing stack , so that we can be there for customers in a timely fashion subject to them wanting help from us . So , for example , if you ’ re looking for a mortgage , if you ’ re looking to put your house up for sale , how do we get to know so that we can be relevant to you at that particular time ? The second area we ’ re looking at is can we be more useful to customers beyond traditional areas of banking , so if you take out a mortgage with us , even if we don ’ t manufacture home insurance , is it not sensible to offer you a curated home insurance experience ? Because it ’ s likely that if you ’ re going to buy a home , you need home insurance to go with it . And how many more things can we offer to our customers at that point in time to make their lives easier and to give them back time and also to monetise that at the other end for TSB while we ’ re helping our customers .
With a non-legacy , modern system , we are always looking for ways to innovate and deliver money confidence for our customer base both through FinTech partnerships and by partnering with the best tech providers – such as IBM and Adobe – to deliver an optimal digital experience . p
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