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outcomes for our business and our customers ,” said Viswanathan . “ The platform has saved our teams from having to manually search for these insights , so they can instead focus on improving our digital connection with our customers .”
Here , Suresh Viswanathan , COO , TSB Bank , tells us more about how the bank is accelerating innovation and improving the digital banking experience with Dynatrace .
Can you tell us about your role and some of your key responsibilities as COO of TSB Bank ?
I have a wide range of responsibilities which include delivering stability across our services , but also looking after digital IT change and running the operational aspects of how we support customers , procurement and so on .
How do you take a strategic approach to ensuring TSB Bank ’ s IT targets are being met ?
There ’ s a very clear vision of how we are trying to help our customers . If you break down what customers do with us into a story of two parts , they do a lot of transactional stuff – what we call customers servicing themselves or being helped by our colleagues . This includes payment requests and balance checks . The second part is to try and fulfil their goals , such as buying their dream home or dream car . And these are what you would traditionally call sales , fulfilment , or propositional elements . So we ’ ve got a very clear vision statement of how we ’ d like to measure progress on both of these fronts . And we ’ ve set metrics for ourselves as a company that we track the whole company to . So , the IT strategy and what we ’ re trying to get done therefore conforms to what we ’ re trying to do to help customers .
How is the bank accelerating innovation and improving the digital banking experience with Dynatrace ?
There are a couple of flavours to it . One is what ’ s happening in our environment – what ’ s working well and what ’ s not working well . And over time , we ’ re using the native Artificial Intelligence within Dynatrace to help us segregate what I call noise with what I call signals . So the signal to noise ratio is what you ’ re trying to improve all the time , meaning you want to focus on the real issues , not on the noise . Therefore , the AI platform within Dynatrace is a big help for us in that space .
The second thing is that for a bank like us which is very focused on ensuring we are available both physically and digitally for our customers , on the digital front , customers really don ’ t care whether it ’ s the Wi-Fi not working or 4G not working , as far as they ’ re concerned , they just care about their TSB app journey . Therefore , what we ’ ve tried to use is the Dynatrace SDK to track from the point that a customer does something on the handset all the way back to the handset . And we use the Dynatrace SDK to help us calibrate performance or defect – sometimes a customer might be so unique that we ’ re not able to
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