Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 63


Skills gap a growing concern across technology industry

The skills gap is a growing concern amongst IT professionals as the industry struggles to find a rapid solution . Cloudreach , an Atos company , has revealed that more than 70 % of IT leaders internationally saw the skills gap as an urgent concern . Furthermore , a recent survey by BT shows insurmountable barriers to reskilling are leaving UK employees feeling trapped on their career path .

Cloudreach , an Atos company and a leading multi-cloud services provider , has released new data highlighting the latest cloud technology trends , underscoring the impact the cloud skills gap is having on businesses . More than 70 % of surveyed IT leaders internationally saw the skills gap as an urgent concern . More than half of respondents claimed it either slowed them down ( 46 %) or posed an existential crisis to the company ( 9 %).

The data was published in an IDC Infobrief How to be a Digital Leader in 2022 commissioned by Cloudreach and Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), ultimately supporting the Atos OneCloud strategic initiative . The research also delves into cloud technology ’ s present and expanding role in supporting business growth and sustainability efforts .
As more organisations rush to adopt cloud technology to improve efficiency and sustainability , the report shines a light on how the industry needs more skilled professionals than ever to maintain operations . Business leaders are finding that their cloud transformation initiatives are increasingly hampered by a lack of skilled professionals , with 34 % of respondents explaining that the shortage has reduced their ability to operate and launch services .
Low supply of cloud skills is also hitting innovation , causing high staff turnover and wage inflation . Multi-
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