Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 61

Infinera ’ s ICE6 technology allows Fastweb to find the right balance between maximum transmission speeds and the greatest capacity per fibre , with the same endof-life performance , protecting Fastweb ’ s infrastructure investments for years to come .
“ Sustaining the Digital Transformation efforts of enterprises and meeting our customers ’ needs is our primary objective ,” said Marco Arioli , Technology Officer , Fastweb . “ We are constantly looking to improve our infrastructure to ensure we can always provide our customers with the highest bandwidth and bestquality services they need to be successful . ICE6 is a significant step forward for us , substantially increasing the capacity of our network with a smooth upgrade path and enabling us to keep up with the relentless demand for increased capacity of unpredictable bandwidth-hungry events .” providing the greatest capacity at the greatest reach , resulting in the most cost-effective and spectrally efficient solution ,” said Nick Walden , Senior Vice President , Worldwide Sales , Infinera . “ We are pleased to continue to support Fastweb ’ s upgrade of its network infrastructure to meet today ’ s growing bandwidth demands .” p
“ Infinera ’ s ICE6 solution enables network operators to meet the demands of rapid bandwidth growth by
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