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Panoramic view from the summit of mount Penice , Italy
This important initiative paves the way for possible areas of application where the TIM Group ’ s fibreoptic , land and underwater infrastructures can be used in the scientific field to develop next-generation sensor solutions thanks to the expertise of leading international research bodies , such as the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam .
Another of Italy ’ s leading telco providers , Fastweb , based in Milan , and Infinera , have successfully achieved record-breaking 600 Gb / s transmission speed trial on the Milan-Bari Network . The companies announced the record-breaking single-wavelength service connectivity speed
trial of 600 Gb / s across Fastweb ’ s network , including the Milan-Bari optical route spanning 1,372 km , using Infinera ’ s fifth-generation ICE6 800G technology on the GX Series Compact Modular Platform . The programmable flexibility of Infinera ’ s ICE6 solution enabled Fastweb to increase network capacity by up to two times . This seamless network upgrade ensures Fastweb ’ s enterprise and service provider customers are equipped with reliable , ultra-high-speed capacity to meet increased growth in data traffic and bandwidth demands .
The demonstrated industry-leading performance , which will provide substantial network value , played a significant role in Fastweb ’ s selection of Infinera ’ s ICE6 solution to enhance its backbone network . With Infinera ’ s ICE6 800G solution , Fastweb is poised to increase its network capacity and launch new 400 Gigabit Ethernet services across its existing infrastructure . Infinera ’ s ICE6 solution features probabilistic constellation shaping and digital Nyquist subcarrier technology with dual-carrier superchannels , enabling successful transmission of 1.2 Tb / s signals on the Milan-Bari route . The combination of these technologies improves Fastweb ’ s spectral efficiency and boosts existing capacity on its current Infinera flexible-grid backbone network .
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