Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 59


The DAS ( Distributed Acoustic Sensing ) device installed at the power station sends pulses of light into the fibre and records the backscattered signal influenced by dynamic strain variations . By analysing this , it is possible to derive the movement of the earth remotely via the Internet .
During the experiment , around 20 Terabytes of data were continuously acquired , which are now being studied by scientists to understand the processes responsible for the reawakening of volcanic activity on the island . Right from the first analyses , it was apparent that the new technology used has proven to have excellent signal accuracy and sensitivity of seismic
Using optical fibre as a seismic sensor makes it possible to record signals with high spatial ( around 4 metres ) and temporal resolution ( 1 kHz ).
signals , making it possible to observe the dynamic strain variations created by anthropogenic and natural sources , with clear strain variations on the fibre generated by local seismic events .
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