Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 51

Loyalty programmes are a proxy for customers to connect with the brand . If brands can provide flexibility and compassion to customers as well as generosity and goodwill , they will find that customers will be more willing to engage with them , especially since customers are providing companies with personal data which allows brands to establish and nurture a more intimate relationship with their customers .
2 . Bolstering belief-driven buyers : As consumers become more socially and politically engaged , brands have an opportunity to build loyalty with their customers . 2021 saw a rise of belief-driven buyers where customers now ‘ vote ’ with their wallets which will continue well into this year .
Brands that take a stand for their values such as sustainability , recycling or ethical trading , can harness a loyal customer case as consumers feel a sense of pride associating with brands that do this .
With the needs of non-profit organisations skyrocketing in part accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis , a Mintel report found that 46 % of consumers
Ganga Ganapathi , VP Head – Marketing and Client Success , Epsilon
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