Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 46

DCIM software is a musthave to measure , trend and report on energy efficiency metrics .
Herman Chan , President , Sunbird Software

DCIM software : A musthave for dramatically increasing energy efficiency in the data centre space


Herman Chan , President , Sunbird Software , offers his best practice advice on how organisations can take steps to reduce their carbon footprint and why DCIM software is key to achieving this .
What role does the data centre industry have in contributing to global energy usage and how are DC operators tackling this ?
The data centre industry is estimated to be responsible for somewhere between 2-3 % of all global energy consumption . With energy-hungry technology like 5G mobile networks , Big Data and Artificial Intelligence still just taking off , data centre demand is likely to continue to grow for some time .
As customers , governments and industry regulators push for increased social responsibility , many data centre operators now have corporate sustainability goals to meet . In many cases , organisations have set goals to be carbon neutral – or even carbon negative – by as early as 2030 .
To meet their corporate sustainability goals , data centre operators are now laser-focused on saving energy , maximising the utilisation of their existing footprint , reporting on energy efficiency metrics and following best practices for sustainability .
What are some of the steps DC operators can take to reduce their carbon footprint ?
There are tried-and-true best practices that can help any data centre operator reduce their carbon footprint .
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