Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 27

BUSINESS INSIGHTS or windmills , like we do in Spain for some of our customers , and then store the energy in the batteries of the UPS .
Should the grid go down , leaving no power in a store , they would have to throw away everything – costing hundreds of thousands of euros . That ’ s a critical situation and it will become more and more critical because of the increasing pressure on the grid .
I think retailers will play a crucial role in solving some of these grid challenges .
What advice would you offer retail organisations that are currently evaluating infrastructure investment opportunities to ensure that they are future-proof ?
I would reiterate that organisations should be thinking ahead . Try to standardise and not only consider price – but also delivery , installation , communication , monitoring and maintenance . Then
Business Continuity is extremely important because businesses cannot afford any disruption .
we can try to make everything scalable to reduce CapEx and OpEx .
If you can make this happen , the total cost of ownership for the whole environment will go down and that ’ s what everybody wants to achieve . Think ahead – consider the increasing instability of the grid and consider Edge Computing and whether that ’ s an area you want to invest in .
The conversations taking place in this sector are extremely interesting but it ’ s challenging too . That ’ s why organisations need help and support from companies who do have the experience with data centre and custom-built solutions . p
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