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If retailers want to survive in this market , they need to have optimised systems , the right stock levels and well-organised transportation systems .
Henk IJspeerd , Director Key Accounts Retail EMEA , Vertiv

Future-proofing infrastructure for the retail sector

The retail sector has undergone a period of transformation , digitalising to meet changing customer buying behaviour and demand for digital experiences . But , as the grid strains under increased pressure , the retail sector has a part to play in balancing this through smart infrastructure solutions . Henk IJspeerd , Director Key Accounts Retail EMEA , Vertiv , tells us more about the infrastructure requirements of retail organisations today , and why they should be planning long-term .

win country or across Europe .

What is driving the digitalisation of the retail sector ?
The retail sector is a market segment which is changing rapidly . Not only does the industry deal with data centres , it must also deal with IT , communications , head offices and thousands of warehouses and stores
Driving these changes is consumer buying behaviour , which is now very much online . When COVID hit , for example , organisations had to move to an online-only model , quickly mobilising processes and logistics to be able to deal with this . Any snags in the process will quickly deter customers – so a seamless buying journey is crucial .
Alongside this is the requirement to comply with local or international regulations regarding environmental factors . For example , in the Netherlands and Spain , there is not enough power available , so companies need to compromise and provide grid support . This impacts the approach to UPS and IT infrastructure so businesses have to assess how best to design their infrastructure to deal with these demands .
These businesses also need to think long-term when planning their infrastructure – what will
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