Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 53 - Page 23

LATEST INTELLIGENCE monitoring as close to the device as possible provides better reporting to inform optimization .
• Remote management ( threshold alarms and data logging ): Select a PDU with intelligent remote management capability for continual automated monitoring . Features such as the ability to set thresholds and get notifications or alerts when warning or critical thresholds are exceeded are crucial . Plus , data logging to keep records for analysis is important . Generally , there is a one-to-one association between a branch circuit on a floor PDU and the input of a rack PDU . Hence , monitoring of the rack PDU provides an additional benefit of monitoring branch circuit currents on those upstream power chain devices .
• Outlet-level monitoring : Reducing energy footprint of the IT equipment is best served with monitoring of power consumption at the outlet level of the rack PDU . Information obtained can be used to identify servers that are over or underutilized . p
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