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kKey Considerations for Remote Management and Operational Efficiency in Data Center Cabinets

In an interconnected world , where organizations use a mix of enterprise-owned and cloud-based services , managing assets and white space remotely has become increasingly important . That process begins with a focus on the data center cabinet ( rack ) and gaining an understanding of how the subsystems in the cabinet form an ecosystem to support Information and Communications Technology ( ICT ) equipment .
By integrating the data center cabinet with hardware and software into a single platform , data center managers can truly gain visibility and understanding of the different dynamics within the data center to make informed decisions . Furthermore , the integration of IT infrastructure , hardware and software from the same manufacturer eliminates the challenges and confusion that result from pairing different products from different providers .
This white paper defines key considerations for remote management and operational efficiency in data center cabinets and shows how selecting an integrated solution will help simplify white space management .
Manage Power With Intelligence .
Power Distribution , Monitoring & Control Power management within the white space – particularly inside the cabinet – is critical to ensure availability of all IT applications , as well as to minimize the overall energy footprint of the data center . Additionally , with efficient power management , it ’ s possible to boost operational efficiency by managing and monitoring power at the rack- and device-level . To optimize power distribution , monitoring and control in your cabinet ecosystem , consider the following when selecting an intelligent power distribution unit ( PDU ).
• Branch circuit monitoring : To assure power availability , it is important to monitor all circuit breakers in the power chain . Within the data center white space , overcurrent protection is utilized on rack PDUs , as well as remote power panels or busway systems . Since there are several branch circuits on a PDU , it is critical that all branch circuits be monitored on the rack PDU . In general ,
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