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Check Point Software supports Rakia mission to space

On April 8 , Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe took off from Cape Canaveral , Florida on a mission to the International Space Station ( ISS ). While there , he conducted 35 experiments , ranging from research in food and agriculture , medical testing , the impact of microgravity on plastic degradation , to experiments with transient luminous events and more .
As part of the undertaking , a unique Rakia Mission Centre was built at the Check Point Software offices in Tel Aviv . This included a control room from which scientists , artists and educators could monitor the activities of Stibbe and enable them to make necessary changes to experiments in real-time , while conducting a direct dialogue with the control room of the ISS in the US .

Check Point Software Technologies , a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions globally , supported the recent Rakia Israeli space mission by hosting the communication to the specialised control centre , located at its headquarters in Tel Aviv where it also accommodated a visitor centre .

The mission enabled Israeli entrepreneurs and researchers to advance innovative ideas and provided a rare opportunity for them to test their enterprises in a unique study environment , thereby contributing to international and Israeli research industries .
The visitor centre , hosted by Check Point , made the Rakia Mission Centre accessible to thousands of students , allowing them to experience the human journey into space through interactive elements and inspiring educational activities .

Capgemini joins forces with Peugeot Sport to accelerate its hybrid hypercar

Capgemini has signed a multi-year partnership with Peugeot Sport to provide the PEUGEOT 9X8 FIA WEC programme team with advanced digital tools . Peugeot Sport is poised to make its return to topflight endurance racing this summer . It will capitalise on Capgemini ’ s data and AI applications expertise to take the performance of its revolutionary hybrid hypercar forward , both in the simulator and on the racetrack . This new partnership also embodies the commitment of both companies to the energy transition .

Pooling the capacity of Peugeot Sport and Capgemini ’ s digital tools will enable the team ’ s engineers , drivers and mechanics to deepen their understanding of the 9X8 , while also accelerating and boosting its competitive potential . In particular , as software development becomes a key factor given that the car ’ s hardware specification will be frozen for four years , in keeping with the FIA World Endurance Championship ’ s hypercar regulations .
With Peugeot Sport at a crucial stage in the car ’ s development , this fundamental technological support is a sign of how motor racing is evolving . For example , the specific calculations ability , algorithms and Artificial Intelligence brought to the table by Capgemini will complement the software developed within the sport and automobile industry . This will help deliver increasingly precise energy management under acceleration and during the regeneration phase ( capped by the regulations at 200kW ), two vital performance and reliability-related parameters .
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