Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 77

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cAs data centre leaders aim to keep up with industry transformation , it is important they have an understanding of how things are expected to develop and that they evolve with innovation in mind . Hiren Parekh , VP for Northern Europe at OVHcloud , discusses the organisation ’ s vision as a leader in the field and what it hopes to achieve moving forward .

Can you tell us about your role and the scope of your responsibility ?
I ' ve been with the business for over six years now and I ' m responsible for operations within the UK , Ireland and the Nordic regions . I work closely with the teams here on sales , marketing functions and developing the business dynamic , locally or regionally .
As one of the leading data centre providers in Europe , what trends do you see developing in the region and how do these differ from other areas across the globe ?
There ’ s a big focus on sustainability . There ' s also a focus around how you unlock the power and value of data
The key is about investing in the data centre footprint , and Disaster Recovery strategy and plans are integral to evolving in the future .
and how businesses are having the correct IT strategy solutions or platforms and infrastructure in place to keep pace with this . There ' s a significant shift to multi-cloud and a big focus on cost control post-pandemic . During the pandemic , everyone had to scale fast and it didn ' t matter where it came from , but I think that as we move forward , people are more conscious of the security aspects surrounding the cloud , the cost control of cloud and how we can move forward as well . There are also
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