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Sims Lifecycle Services launches sustainability calculator

Sims Lifecycle Services ( SLS ), a global leader providing circular solutions for technology , has announced the launch of its new sustainability calculator .

The calculator provides clients with transparent sustainability reporting , allowing them to measure their positive carbon impact to achieve their carbon reduction goals .
SLS ' sustainability calculator is unique to the industry . SLS ' tool calculates the carbon reduction from reuse , redeployment and recycling using data from units – both whole and components – which SLS processed on behalf of its clients .
Past calculators typically only measured the carbon benefit of recycling metals versus sending them to landfill .
For many years , SLS has invested in separation technology and innovative reuse and redeployment processes and this new sustainability calculator allows the company ' s clients to realise the reduction of carbon from these processes and enables both SLS and the client to identify more opportunities for carbon reduction .
In developing the sustainability calculator , SLS consulted with clients to understand their Scope 3 reporting requirements and incorporated this feedback into the tool .
The tool not only looks at the embodied carbon savings of reusing , redeploying and recycling materials , but it also takes transportation into consideration .
" In order to fix any problem , you have to be able to measure it . This sustainability calculator allows SLS and our clients to quantify the results of their efforts and provides a robust tool to measure our improvements .
“ I am very excited to announce our new sustainability calculator and I appreciate the input from clients and our NGO partners ," said Sean Magann , Chief Commercial Officer at SLS .
Angela Catt , Chief Financial and Sustainability Officer at SLS , added : " The SLS sustainability calculator uses a new Lifecycle Analysis ( LCA ) catalogue from a large range of reused materials , our own proprietary material assays for recycling and SLS ' location-specific processing data . We ' re excited to meet client needs for a new and robust tool that aligns their IT Asset Disposition ( ITAD ) programme to their corporate sustainability goals ." p
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