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Hello and welcome to the first edition of Intelligent CIO Europe in 2022 – wishing you a Happy New Year ! In this issue , we explore some of the trends and topics raising their head across Europe ’ s technology landscape as several experts offer their best practice advice on various topics of interest .

On the cover , we have Clémence Burnichon , Director of Data Innovation , ITV , who offers some insight into how the organisation is leveraging data to transform broadcasting . She discusses the importance the UK broadcaster places on gathering value from data to transform its services and improve the viewer experience , as well as how tools like Machine Learning enable analysis of customer behaviour and unlock business value . Read more about this on page 58 .
Our ‘ Editor ’ s Question ’ this month sees us ask the experts how they think enterprises should leverage the cloud for innovation , efficiency and growth in 2022 . We hear from Andrew Martin , Senior Sales Director EMEA & Managing Director UK at Egnyte ; Alessandro Chimera , Director of Digitalisation Strategy , TIBCO ; and Neil Stobart , VP Global Systems Engineering , Cloudian . Find this on page 34 .
This issue ’ s ‘ Industry Watch ’ explores how the retail industry uses technology to enhance its business operations . One example is Emma – The Sleep Company , a leading direct-to-customer sleep brand , which replaced its e-commerce platform to better support business growth plans . Andreas Westendörpf , CTO , Emma – The Sleep Company , tells us more on page 74 .
Another of our customer stories focuses on how South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust implemented new technology to support clinicians in making even more improvements for patients in incredibly busy and complex environments . This can be found on page 63 .
I hope you enjoy the read and if you ’ d like to contribute to any future editions , please don ’ t hesitate to get in touch at alix @ lynchpinmedia . com
For our ‘ Trending ’ feature on page 25 , we take a look at an interesting survey by ABB which reveals that 83 % of Fortune 1,000 tech leaders plan to transition to 5G by 2023 . The survey uncovers some of the top priorities and challenges for wider spread 5G deployment , with security and reliability taking centre stage .
Alix Pressley Editor
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