Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 60

What strategic initiatives do you have in place when it comes to data management ?
ITV has a set of principles in place when it comes to security , governance and compliance . Our data management approach is by default and built-in not bolted-on , which means everything we build and everything we do , we look at through multiple different lenses and perspectives with data at the heart of our decision-making . We examine the value for the business – as well as the technology and the governance attached to it – so that we are enabled to make the best decisions about how to move forward , considering every possible angle and leaving no stone unturned .
How do you use smart technology tools like Machine Learning to analyse customer behaviour and how does this offer business advantages ?
Our data strategy is both value-based and outcomebased . We look at fulfilling business needs by partnering with other areas of the organisation and looking at the entire process from end-to-end , including the ‘ last mile ’ activities that make our insights actionable for others in the business . Tools like ML , as one example , are used to create value for the business in any way possible . This value can be added in the form of propensity models in marketing , targeting models in advertising , segmentations , recommendation engines and more . The idea is to leverage the right tools and technologies and identify the correct approach to reach a desired outcome and realise the value . Technology is more a means to an end . What we are really concerned about is what value we can gather from data and how that can be used to transform our services and deliver a great experience for viewers .
How does the fast-moving world of entertainment influence your ability to manage data across the organisation ?
It ’ s not easy ! The world of entertainment moves quickly and is relatively seasonal , so a good amount of planning is required to manage data across the company . Depending on the season , we might be focused on one business domain over another and ensuring that particular area is realising its full potential when it comes to data innovation . For example , you have a set of episodes of a particular programme in the summer and you only have that amount of time to play with it to determine what data insights can be leveraged . The industry moves very quickly , so it really depends on the time of year . Planning ahead is important to ensure that we have
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