Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 52

Stykkisholmur , Iceland
its Tier III Mjölnir DC . A strategy that offers customers a reduced Total Cost of Ownership ( TCO ), increased operational and energy efficiency and a secure , scalable data centre platform to protect the long-term life cycle requirements of its infrastructure deployments .
When designing its second 80MW , Mjölnir DC data centre campus in Reykjanesbaer , Iceland , atNorth was looking for a containment partner that was able to deliver to demanding timescales . company ’ s engineers provided consultative expertise from a remote location in the US , offering valuable insight that would help to future-proof the data centre and meet growing customer demand .
Once a relationship was established , Subzero specified its Essential Plus + product line , offering a vendorneutral , quick-to-deploy and flexible containment system . Available globally , the Essential Plus + products would provide atNorth with a standardised containment architecture , which would accommodate any customers ’ HPC rack , server , or storage requirement .
The company required a high-quality , robust and secure containment solution that would offer the ability to standardise its design while delivering repeatable performance , sustainability and efficiency capabilities across multiple sites .
Further , due to its reputation for sustainable HPC and colocation , and for building long-term customer relationships , the company was looking to establish a new supply chain partner that could work with it as the company grew .
Proposed solution
Working to meet the company ’ s requirements for speed , efficiency and precision , Subzero Engineering quickly engaged with Jóhann Þór Jónsson , atNorth ’ s Director Project Management and Business Development . Rather than offer a simple proposal containing a product specification and cost , the
“ Subzero ’ s response time was exceptional ,” said Jóhann Þór Jónsson , Director Project Management and Business Development , atNorth .
“ It not only specified a cold aisle containment architecture complete with security doors and top roofs , but worked with us consultatively to engineer a robust , clean and energy efficient system that would look visually impactful and fit with the site ’ s geothermal surroundings .”
The sleek look and feel , best-in-class materials and energy efficient architecture of the Essential Plus + products met atNorth ’ s requirements for a customisable , robust and high-quality containment solution . Moreover , it would enable it to standardise and quickly scale across new sites , using a methodology that delivers increased security , performance and sustainability .
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