Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : NORDIC igh performance , ces in the Nordics

data centre designs , power efficiency and intelligent clusters to support the disruptive technologies used by customers . This includes workloads that require High- Performance Computing ( HPC ) infrastructure , such as simulations , scientific calculations , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), deep learning and Blockchain applications .
At its Icelandic Thor DC and Mjölnir DC colocation campuses , the company continues to push the boundaries of Nordic data centres ; using 100 % renewable energy resources from hydropower and geothermal sources to power its facilities , which are optimised for ultra-energy efficiency , maximum reliability and industry-leading performance .
The Essential Plus + products would provide atNorth with a standardised containment architecture , which would accommodate any customers ’ HPC rack , server , or storage requirement .
With this approach that incorporates Direct Free Air cooling and carbon-free energy , atNorth delivers a Power Usage Effectiveness ( PUE ) rating below 1.2 at
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