Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 49 - Page 31

Key findings in the UK include :
• 23 % of respondents indicated that the cost of NVMe is a challenge , saying that they are struggling to justify the investment . Decision-makers in the IT / technology / telecoms industries were most likely to report cost as a major challenge , at 40 % compared with the average across the UK of 23 %.
• 21 % reported that scaling NVMe into larger data pools is a key challenge and stated that they are looking for more flexibility and better management tools .
• UK respondents from the manufacturing and the financial services industries were most likely to report that NVMe revealed weaknesses in other parts of their storage infrastructures , at 23 % and 20 % respectively , compared to a UK average of 13 %.
• When it comes to pain-free adoption of NVMe storage , UK IT decision-makers in the business and professional services sector were most likely to state that they did not experience any challenges in adopting NVMe storage , at 50 % compared to an average of 11 % across the country . p
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