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NVMe storage adoption :

Scalability and cost are the biggest challenges

ATTO Technology has announced the findings of an independent survey of IT decision-makers across the UK and Germany . According to the survey , conducted by Vanson Bourne , organisations adopting enterprise NVMe storage currently face two main challenges : scalability and cost . In addition , the respondents indicated that they still need NVMe to offer greater flexibility , manageability and affordability .

The above limitations notwithstanding , NVMe has opened up new opportunities for data-hungry and business-critical applications that demand lowlatency , high-performance enterprise storage connectivity . This is thanks partly to NVMe ’ s
While NVMe provides undeniable performance benefits for data-driven organisations , there is still some work to do . ability to reach significantly higher performance levels than alternatives such as SAS via a lighter command set and switched transport architecture . However , this also introduces a downside when it comes to scalability , cost , reliability , serviceability , management and environmental awareness .
Across both countries , 31 % of respondents stated that scaling NVMe into larger data pools was a challenge and that they were looking for greater flexibility and better management tools .
27 % indicated that the cost of NVMe storage poses a challenge that makes it difficult to justify the investment . In addition , 20 % of the responses revealed that NVMe showed weaknesses in other parts of the storage infrastructure . Only 12 % of the cases in the poll had not experienced any challenges when adopting NVMe storage .
Tim Klein , ATTO ’ s Co-founder , President and CEO , said : “ While NVMe provides undeniable performance benefits for data-driven organisations , there is still some work to do .
“ Teething problems occur with any new technology and end-users are still looking for NVMe solutions that will meet their speed requirements without compromising on scalability , manageability and affordability .”
In the survey , IT decisionmakers across a range of industries including professional services , telecom , financial , manufacturing and retail , were asked : ‘ Which of the following challenges have you or your organisation experienced in adopting NVMe storage solutions ?’
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