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The definitive guide to surviving an accounts payable nightmare . This is the manual for aspiring finance leaders who understand the pain of AP and want insights and tactics on how to best cure it .

Chapter 1
The Untamed Wilderness of Finance
Today , the finance function has more responsibilities than ever . In high-growth businesses , every operation both front and back-office is inexplicably tied to investment versus reward . To survive the uncharted road ahead , the modern , forward-thinking finance team has to future-proof their organization for success .
Chapter 2
Forging an Accounts Payable Path
• AP is riddled with manual operations that may expose your company to fraud
• AP is fueled by labor-intensive tasks
• AP delays the financial close process , which damages visibility into performance
• AP is ripe for inefficient processes that lead to costly errors , both financially and legally
The finance team protects your company ' s cash – so why is AP always the business function that is neglected ?
Accounts payable gets a bad reputation , so how can you change your organization ' s perception ? Elevate the prestige of the function by highlighting the real value of AP – gaining total control over the chaotic supplier payments operation .
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According to the Institute of Finance & Management , accounts payable is the number one most timeconsuming function in finance .
• AP is a cost center , money goes out but rarely comes in
Chapter 3
Strategizing Your Next Move
Modern companies have successfully paved the way for transitioning their financial team from administrative processors to strategic business partners . p
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