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HSBC and IBM successfully design and test interoperable multi-ledger central bank digital currency

Versus Payment ( DVP ) across primary issuance and secondary trading and coupon payments ) and foreign exchange ( pricing and Payment Versus Payment ( PVP ) settlement ). It was conducted in a hybrid cloud environment incorporating public and private clouds and on-premises data sources . Distributed ledgers based on IBM ’ s Hyperledger Fabric and R3 ’ s Corda were integrated using IBM Research ’ s Weaver interoperability tool .

HSBC and IBM have announced the successful test of an advanced token and digital wallet settlement capability encompassing direct transactions between two Central Bank Digital Currencies ( CBDC ) in a hybrid cloud environment .

Several previous initiatives have individually demonstrated support for CDBCs , securities and / or foreign exchange . The experiment , which was designed and implemented within four months , was successfully executed across ledgers in support of such a complex multi-asset transactional scenario .
The experiment successfully tested an end-toend transactional life cycle covering CBDCs ( minting and allocation ), eBonds ( Delivery
The project was initiated by Banque de France – a leader among central banks in its breadth of CDBC experimentation – as part of a multi-pronged programme to explore the potential of the digital Euro . HSBC , one of the world ’ s largest foreign exchange banks , and IBM , a leading provider of consulting services and technology to the financial services industry , were chosen from a diverse field of highly regarded financial and technology applicants .

NRK chooses Plint as new digital localisation partner

Norwegian public broadcaster , NRK , has awarded Plint a contract as its new digital partner of integrated localisation software and thereby joins the company ’ s tribe of software licensees and integration clients , like the European Parliament and ViacomCBS .

“ We believe Plint offers robust tools for subtitle production with integrated communication on several levels , which will let us reduce other forms of written communication and make information available exactly where needed to translators , editors , planners and managers ,” said Paul Egell-Johnsen , Process Owner of Subtitling and Accessibility Systems at NRK .
Plint offers an off-the-shelf solution including administration , work allocation , ordering , payment , reporting and communication for localisation services . The software connects via API to most existing systems ; in NRK ’ s case , the media library and scheduling system with minimal configuration or development required .
Plint ’ s technical localisation offering is designed to make things easier and more efficient for mid to large scale content owners . With an automated workflow using data and algorithms to match each localisation task with the best-suited linguist , clients can save a lot of manual handling and still depend on getting a high-quality product at the end .
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