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Nokia and Türk Telekom successfully test 25G PON technology in Turkey

Yusuf Kıraç , CTO , Türk Telekom , said : “ Our goal is to provide better service quality to our consumer and corporate customers with faster and higher capacity technologies . The 25G PON solution we tested with Nokia achieves approximately 10 times higher bandwidth than is possible with existing GPON networks .
“ Our trials demonstrated 20 Gbps for downstream and 9.1 Gbps for upstream which will enable us to support better quality for upcoming services such as 16K TV , 3D 360-degree videos and Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences .”

Nokia and Türk Telekom have completed the first successful

25G PON trial in Turkey , making it the fastest fibre network in the country . The laboratory trial took place in Türk Telekom Ankara Innovation Centre and achieved downstream speeds of 20Gbps over a single wavelength .
Özgür Erzincan , General Manager , Nokia Turkey , added : “ Global investments in fibre underline the importance of competitive advantage brought by high-speed networks . Nokia is a leader in 10Gb / s symmetrical PON and is a manufacturer to offer a seamless transition to 25G speeds . We are happy to support Türk Telekom in deploying all three generations of PON technology powered by Nokia ’ s Quillion chipset simultaneously , enabling Turkey ’ s first 25G PON network and providing high-speed broadband to customers in Turkey ’ s largest fibre ( FTTH ) network .”
Türk Telekom is exploring how to deliver superfast services to support Smart City , office and home services .

Honeywell and Cambridge Quantum combine to form Quantinuum

Two leading companies in the Quantum Computing industry have combined to create Quantinuum , thereby accelerating the development of Quantum Computing and innovation of quantum technologies in a platform-agnostic manner to deliver real-world quantum-enabled solutions for some of the most intractable problems that classical computers have not been able to solve .

Cambridge Quantum , a pioneer in quantum software , operating systems and cybersecurity , and Honeywell Quantum Solutions , which has built one of the highest-performing quantum hardware based on trapped-ion technologies , have announced they have completed all the necessary steps and therefore combined to form the new company , Quantinuum .
“ Quantinuum is one of the largest and most advanced integrated Quantum Computing companies in the world ,” said Ilyas Khan , CEO of Quantinuum and Founder of Cambridge Quantum . “ By uniting the best-in-class quantum software available with the highest-performing hardware available , we are uniquely positioned to bring real , quantum computing products and solutions to large , high-growth markets in the near term , the medium term and the long term as quantum computers scale in capacity and quality . We are science-led and enterprise-driven and our scale and global presence in this most critical of technologies will provide leadership in each of the key areas that constitute the ‘ must-haves ’ for Quantum Computing to deliver real-world solutions to all our customers and partners .”
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