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Research reveals organisations struggle to scale DevOps despite Digital Transformation imperative

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has announced the findings of an independent global survey of 1,300 senior-level development and DevOps leaders , which revealed the primary challenges organisations are facing as they attempt to keep up with demand for digital innovation .

The research highlighted that scaling DevOps practices is critical to accelerating the release of high-quality digital services . However , siloed teams , manual approaches and increasingly complex tooling slow innovation and make teams more reactive than proactive , impeding their ability to drive value for the business . The 2021 global report , Deep Observability and Advanced AIOps are Key to Scaling DevOps Practices , reveals :
• Increased pressure to release faster . On average , organisations release software updates to their critical applications every 41 days and this frequency is expected to increase by 58 % in the next two years .
• Demands for faster releases put quality at risk . In fact , nearly a quarter of respondents ( 22 %) admit they ’ re often under so much pressure to meet the demand for faster innovation that they must sacrifice code quality .
• Near universal agreement that DevOps is critical to achieve speed and quality . 98 % of respondents say extending DevOps to more applications is key for Digital Transformation and optimising customer experience .
• Manual tasks are a barrier to DevOps success . More than a quarter ( 27 %) of DevOps teams ’ time is spent on manual CI / CD tasks , which reduces time spent on innovation .
• DevOps leaders see increased automation and end-to-end observability as keys to DevOps success . Organisations are investing in the automation of manual CI / CD tasks ( 62 %), eliminating manual incident response ( 62 %) and end-to-end observability ( 45 %) to boost developer productivity .
• A unified platform is necessary for DevOps success . 74 % of respondents say end-to-end observability will be essential to DevOps in the future and 71 % of respondents say a unified platform that seamlessly integrates their toolchains will be critical to scaling DevOps beyond a single lighthouse project .
“ In today ’ s hyper-digital age , organisations must deliver innovation faster than ever before . DevOps and SRE practices are critical to achieving this goal , but organisations are struggling to scale these to drive maximum speed , quality and reliability ,” said Andreas Grabner , Director , Strategic Partners at Dynatrace .
“ Development , DevOps and SRE teams are still grappling with time-consuming manual processes , siloed cultures and an explosion of alerts from their monitoring tools , which hinders their efforts to accelerate Digital Transformation . To overcome these challenges , organisations need a more intelligent solution that combines end-toend observability , precise insights and continuous automation . This will help teams to work together more effectively and consistently deliver high-quality software faster and more efficiently .” p
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