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When asked about Return on Investment ( RoI ), Devert said : “ The first RoI benefit was in that we went from having 15 people to just one having to manage the migration . The next major RoI benefit was in that we had a deadline by which we wanted to close our data centre , but we couldn ’ t do that until our data was safely moved to our new cloud environment . Without DobiMigrate , our project would have been significantly delayed by months . Having to keep that data centre open for an extended period of time would have


NOW DEPLOYED 100 % ACROSS PUBLIC CLOUDS , DECATHLON ’ S TRAINING , RECRUITMENT AND PARTNERSHIP WITH TECHNOLOGY VISIONARIES AND EXPERTS HAS BECOME A KEY STRATEGIC PRIORITY . that the transfers were slow – much too slow for such a massive migration that would meet our migration timeline objectives .”

The solution
After careful research and a successful POC , Decathlon chose to deploy DobiMigrate as it found it to be the ideal solution for meeting its complex and demanding requirements . This included maintaining data integrity , in addition to providing chain of custody via its hashing of every single file as it is migrated . With DobiMigrate , a file would only be declared successfully migrated if the source and target were an identical match . A report could then be created to show every single hash of every single file , which could be kept for future auditing . been very expensive from a capital and operational perspective . We estimate that from this standpoint , we saved hundreds of thousands of dollars .
“ And perhaps most importantly , now that we are in our new cloud environment we can benefit from the speed , agility and elasticity of on-demand solutions that we can intelligently adapt to our business requirements , thereby positively impacting our bottom line .
“ In addition to DobiMigrate exceeding our expectations , I was delighted with the superior level of responsiveness I received from the entire Datadobi team . Even when I had a question or concern during the migration that had nothing to do with its product , its experts were able to answer my questions and help guide me to resolution , saving me a tremendous amount of time and effort .”
“ With DobiMigrate , we were able to dramatically accelerate our migration and complete it well under our timeline objective ,” said Devert . “ And , with its chain of custody capabilities , we don ’ t have to check and double-check that our data was moved to the destination . With DobiMigrate , if we are audited in two years , five years , or 10 years we can be confident our data is there , and it is correct .”
With its IT infrastructure now deployed 100 % across public clouds , Decathlon ’ s training , recruitment and partnership with technology visionaries and experts has become a key strategic priority . Its goal is to continue to leverage the newest and most innovative technologies in areas such as serverless applications , automation and continuous integration and delivery ( CI / CD ) such as Terraform , Git , Kubernetes and the like . p
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