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Additionally , Flynn also won a second victory which proved that even the most ambitious projects can be delivered when the right people are brought into the fold and when people rally behind the customer to drive it forward . Within their teams , they earned the power to keep updating the experience themselves without having to call in engineers . Their customers said that the new solution looked like other FinTech challenger apps they used which is also how the team felt . They were changing traditional ways of working by using the best technology , and were able to move quickly to work for the customer . to improve and iterate on the experience while the project evolved . This would also make sure the solution would stand the test of time .
The customer champions had all rallied behind the vision to make decisions based on data and give the customers what they wanted , so were able to take decisive action when needed . Webtown activated a second agile team on short notice to power through new requirements as they raced towards the finish line . When the new solution went live , the team was extremely satisfied .
A website with enhanced customer experience
The new solution was very well received . Customer feedback highlighted that the new experience was really easy to use and helped them make decisions . The call centre staff were saving time because customers gave them the correct information .
The numbers also improved . The new solution outperformed the old one with a 30 % higher conversion rate , so the project paid itself back really quickly . The champions had delivered a great victory and a new website they were proud of .
“ We made sure we didn ’ t fall into the trap of rushing into build before we knew how we ’ d deliver what we wanted ,” said Flynn . “ That ’ s why we put so much emphasis on the customer research and persona study . From this , we could really tailor the build to ensure that what went live was what would really make a difference . Overall , the project took a little over a year to deliver .”
Flynn went on to discuss the business benefits the solution has provided : “ Improving the onsite user experience and therefore conversion rate was one of the key objectives for us . Given the bank ’ s digital credentials , we wanted to make sure the website was an extension of our overall digital proposition . However , to do this we needed to understand what customers – both existing and prospective – needed from the website .
“ We were delighted with the new website and so were our customers . Conversion rates increased by 30 % and we were in better control as a result of the platform we developed . Our ability to pivot and deploy bespoke journeys meant we could maximise new commercial opportunities .
“ What an adventure this project has been ,” said Flynn . “ It ’ s all about the team pulling together and we assembled a great team . We managed to work together and figure things out on the way and that ’ s why it was a success . I ’ m really pleased with the result . It ’ s a great feeling to see the new site out there , to hear the customer feedback on the experience it delivers and to see it performing so well !” p
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