Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 60

Agile delivery based on real customer feedback
The digital champions took feedback from customers on board when working on the new enhanced site . Customer feedback showed them that the site had too much jargon , used language that didn ’ t relate to the customer , calculators were hard to use and finding the information they were after was difficult . Taking note of this , KBC worked with WONDR to define eight personas with needs and goals ; and offered key insights for each . It then mapped out the steps on the journeys and designed an experience that would maximise good emotions , eliminate pain points and feel familiar to the customer – but they wanted more and found ways for the brand to shine as part of the digital experience .
Armed with a powerful new technology , a detailed plan , a compelling vision and lots of excitement , the team went to work .
Working in real partnership to deliver for the end customer
The customer champions took a new approach to the project – they would work in an agile way to get it off the ground . They would deal with complexity and uncertainty by working out the finer details as the project went on and rely on the talent of the team to adapt as needed . They brought in Webtown , a customer-centric software development company .
By implementing the Liferay digital experience platform as a foundation , they managed to get a more up-todate starting point for the website ’ s development . This offered faster speed , better accessibility and mobile support out-of-the-box .
While rebuilding the calculators on the site , the team was able to leverage the developer ’ s experience to reverse-engineer what was there to recreate the calculators in a way that gave the website administrators more control while making the website easier to use for customers .
The customer champions developed new , enterpriseready ways of working for the development . They brought in cloud-based technology which enabled them to develop safely and release frequently . They then introduced better practices for documentation , accessibility and data quality management in the team . This led to a higher-quality experience and vastly improved usability , because they continued
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