Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 57

Alongside the launch of TOTEM , Orange has announced its participation in the 5GCroCo project for seamless connected and automated mobility in Europe .
The 5GCroCo project demonstrates seamless connected and automated mobility ( CAM ) services enabled by 5G technologies in France , Germany and Luxembourg .
5GCroCo ( Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control ) is a € 17-million European innovation action officially launched on November 1 , 2018 , with the objective to perform 5G connectivity tests and trials for the road environment in real-life scenarios . On October 21 , 2021 , 5GCroCo demonstrated three use cases in the corridor areas that connect the cities of Metz-Merzig- Luxembourg in France , Germany and Luxembourg , traversing three countries , two borders .
The objective of 5GCroCo is to validate key 5G technologies in challenging cross-border , cross-mobilenetwork-operator , cross-car-original-equipmentmanufacturer and cross-telco-vendor scenarios .
The project concentrates in particular on cuttingedge technologies such as 5G New Radio , service continuity , mobile Edge Computing / cloud , end-to-end and predictive Quality-of-Service , network slicing , virtualisation , network support for precise positioning , and security .
• Significant team expertise ;
• A thorough understanding of the digital needs and uses of operators and their clients ;
• A recognised role as an advisor and supplier of solutions for network construction and maintenance ;
• A strong , long-standing relationship with landlords ;
• The use of sustainable energy sources
Neutral and independent management
As a neutral player in the TowerCo market , TOTEM has all the in-house skills required to manage its tenants ’ operations and to deploy new infrastructure (‘ build-to-suit ’ construction programmes and turnkey deployments ). Mobile infrastructure is a totem of our digital civilisation , offering connectivity solutions for all , everywhere , in both rural and urban areas .
TOTEM ’ s mission is to unite all stakeholders – operators , local authorities , institutions , companies and landlords – offering a response to growing demand for connectivity and contributing to shared growth and development .
Furthermore , 5GCroCo is exploring innovative business models . It will contribute to the definition of the necessary policy and spectrum regulation to guarantee the success of 5G for connected and automated mobility ( CAM ) services . The impact of 5GCroCo is also present at the standardisation level for both the telecom and the automotive industries ( 3GPP , ISO , etc .). 5GCroCo is thus contributing to the consolidation of Europe ’ s leading role in 5G technology , paving the way for the commercial deployment of 5G for CAM in Europe and worldwide .
The results obtained so far in the project and through the three use cases show that crossborder / -mobile-network-operator handover works seamlessly and that the use of 5G networks is key to reducing the end-to-end latency , which is critical in CAM applications , such as the ones studied in the 5GCroCo use cases .
Moreover , additional results show that , thanks to mobile Edge Computing / cloud technology , more stable delays can be achieved than when relying on public Internet for the hosting of applications . Furthermore , a significant increase of the transmission speeds has been measured in the 5GCroCo tests and trials . p
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