Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 55


Orange announces strategic initiatives to enhance mobile technology capabilities across Europe

Orange has announced new business capabilities which have enabled it to strengthen its presence as a leading telecommunications company in Europe . The tech giant has launched TOTEM , its European TowerCo ., which will allow it to derive value from its passive mobile infrastructure . Orange has also announced its participation in the 5GCroCo project – contributing to the consolidation of Europe ’ s leading role in 5G technology .

Orange has announced the operational launch of TOTEM , its European TowerCo . TOTEM , wholly owned by Orange SA , is now operational . Its creation will allow Orange to strengthen its position as a manager and operator of passive mobile infrastructure and to benefit from new sources of growth . Its management and operation will be completely independent following the transfer of all key passive mobile infrastructure assets ( sites , land , leases and leases to third-parties ) to TOTEM .

Stéphane Richard , Chairman and CEO of Orange , said : “ TOTEM ’ s operational launch is an important milestone in our European infrastructure strategy . The creation of this entity will allow us to derive value from our passive mobile infrastructure , for which we have exceptional operational expertise . By opening up these assets to other operators , we will optimise its use . We are determined to support TOTEM on both a strategic and financial level , to make it an undisputed leader on the European market and to keep control of this strategic asset as part of a longterm industrial vision .
“ By retaining control of our infrastructure , we have made a crucial decision for our future growth .”
Nicolas Roy , CEO of TOTEM Group , said : “ Launched first in France and Spain , TOTEM has become a new player for regional development in Europe . TOTEM will create value for all stakeholders – operators , landlords and real estate players , regional authorities , companies – thanks to its connectivity solutions and equipment sharing . TOTEM ’ s teams will rely on the
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