Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 50

Cloud technology has become heavily utilised this past year and organisations are making the most of it to improve their business capabilities . Here , we explore how European hub , Gaia-X , has developed the next generation of cloud technology in Poland .

Developing the next generati technology in Poland

Gdansk , Poland

Gaia-X , a European data and cloud initiative , launched its Polish hub on September 2 . The new Gaia-X hub will work on an efficient , competitive and secure data infrastructure based on a federated hybrid cloud model . At the helm of the project in Poland are the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications and the Digital Poland Association .

The inauguration of the Polish hub took place on September 2 during the second day of the CYBERSEC 2021 conference in Krynica-Zdrój .
Maximilian Ahrens , Deutsche Telekom and BoD Chairman of Gaia-X , said : “ Poland is one of the largest economies in Europe – deeply involved in all sectors and supply chains . The Polish hub will successfully leverage on the data-driven economy in Poland , together with providers and user communities , underlining a great European partnership , which shows the importance of a common European cloud framework which will enable a secure , open and sovereign use of data throughout Poland .”
Francesco Bonfiglio , CEO of Gaia-X , said : “ Gaia-X dives in a new digital future . Improving and strengthening our digital sovereignty of businesses , research and education , governments and society data , is not only possible , but also much closer than we think .
“ With a deep commitment to meet the challenges of the European digital strategy , we cannot do this without our hubs . We are proud and excited to launch
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