Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 46

It is estimated that a single hour of cloud downtime costs enterprises anywhere from US $ 1 million to over US $ 5 million .
Michael D ’ Onofrio , CEO , Orbus Software

How CIOs can use enterprise architecture to guide and de-risk cloud migration journeys

Migrating to the cloud as part of an organisation ’ s Digital Transformation journey has become the norm in the modern world , but doing it safely and successfully is crucial . Michael D ’ Onofrio , CEO , Orbus Software , discusses how to achieve a successful migration to the cloud and why building a detailed integration architecture from the ground up – taking all systems and technologies into account – is key .

Moving digital infrastructure to the cloud has become an overwhelming imperative for businesses globally . As we continue to experience a large-scale shift to remote working , leveraging modern cloud solutions has been critical to enable this transition , while also offering greater benefits in areas such as maintenance , upgrades and subscription-based pricing .

With this transition in full swing , over two-thirds of CIOs now rank migrating to and expanding their cloud presence as the top IT spending driver in
2021 . This is alongside Gartner ’ s estimation that 45 % of all IT spending in 2024 will go towards cloudbased solutions . However , CIOs are still met with transformation barriers , due to how difficult these projects are to execute and how the upfront costs can easily exceed the gains without close collaboration with their cloud vendors .
Ultimately , an effective cloud migration must be fast , low cost and with minimal risk to data integrity and security . Achieving this requires careful planning , clear knowledge of the current and target states , and
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