Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 45

Germany and the US were the best performing countries overall in the index , with each having three cities featured in the top 20 ranking . Munich , Berlin and Hamburg were 10th , 11th and 15th , while New York , San Francisco and Washington DC were ninth , 12th and 18th . In total , 11 European cities appeared in the index , versus four in the US , three in Asia and two in Australia .
The research was carried out to discover which cities are already using innovative IoT tech solutions to achieve sustainability goals and was calculated according to various sustainability indices , creating a definitive list of the top 20 green cities globally .
Each city was ranked by a specific set of criteria , with its overall position in the index determined by how it fared in all of the categories across various other sustainability indexes . The criteria included technological provision , economic and social development , air quality , quality of living and Smart City ecosystem , among other things .
Bengt Johannes Lundberg , CEO of Disruptive Technologies , said : “ It ’ s wonderful to see how many cities are taking the right steps towards sustainability , and how smart tech can be used to reduce environmental impact so effectively . This opens up access to new sustainability goals to countries across the globe .
“ With the ability to easily retrofit with new technology , such as IoT sensors , making a change for the better is no longer prohibitively expensive , or dependent upon vast infrastructural changes . Through smart monitoring and IoT , governments have the power to transform their cities . And it ’ s great to see so many governments already recognising the importance of investment in all of these areas .” p
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