Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 44


SWITZERLAND ’ S CAPITAL , ZURICH , PLACED THIRD IN THE RANKING , SCORING THE HIGHEST FOR RESIDENT QUALITY OF LIFE AND SECOND FOR RENEWABLE ENERGY PRODUCTION AND SMART CITY STATUS . energy . Switzerland ’ s capital , Zurich , placed third in the ranking , scoring the highest for resident quality of life and second for renewable energy production and Smart City status .

While the top three in Disruptive Technologies ’ sustainable Smart Cities list might not come as much of a surprise – as the capitals of countries known for their green ethos – what will raise a few eyebrows is London ’ s ranking in fourth place .
Although not broadly considered to be a green city , London ’ s sustainability policies – aided by the widespread rollout of public drinking fountains , construction practices and the move towards a low carbon Circular Economy – environmentally-friendly transport options , ranked the best in the world . London was also noted for its Smart City government approach .
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