Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 33



Nokia has announced it has deployed a modular optical Data Centre Interconnect ( DCI ) solution for ESpanix , one of the largest neutral internet exchange providers in Spain . The solution connects three data centres in the Madrid metro area , using dual optical links between data centres for redundancy . With an initial capacity of 4 Terabits Per Second ( Tb / sec ) between data centres , the solution enables ESpanix to provide more reliable and responsive connectivity to meet its customers ’ rapidly increasing Internet connectivity needs .


Equinix has opened a new International Business Exchange ( IBX ) data centre in Frankfurt , Germany . Located in the west of the city , the new site , named FR8 , helps Equinix meet the growing need for private connectivity and digital infrastructure in Germany and supports enterprises across all sectors with their Digital Transformation journeys . The first phase of the site , which has now opened , adds 4,800 m ² to the company ’ s colocation space .


LineVision has partnered with a large power utility in Northern Ireland to install its patented non-contact sensors to monitor 33kV overhead power lines in the region . The project will utilise real-time and forecasted Dynamic Line Ratings ( DLR ) to monitor transmission line conductors and uncover additional grid capacity with the purpose of making service more resilient and efficient while unlocking additional throughput capacity , allowing for increased integration of renewable energy assets .


France FinTech , a leading non-profit association with a mission to promote FinTech excellence in France , and Binance , a leading Blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency exchange , have announced the launch of a € 100 million initiative to support the development of the French and European Blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem .
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