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TRENDING companies who could shift their entire business model online survived , and those who didn ’ t faced the harsh reality of business shutdown .
Customer experience is a key priority for CIOs . Our survey found that over four in five CIOs believe that redefining the customer or employee experience will become more relevant in the next five years . The emphasis on the customer has forced the C-suite to focus on Digital Transformation . Three in four ( 74 %) CIOs drew a straight line between COVID-19 and the importance of Digital Transformation , with almost all ( 98 %) reporting that it had accelerated their Digital Transformation plans to some degree .
Customer service was the third most targeted area in Digital Transformation projects , with 45 % of respondents reporting accelerated efforts in this area . However , it ’ s not enough to think of Digital Transformation as a technology upgrade – it ’ s also about culture , and businesses must lead by example to maximise their Digital Transformation efforts .
How can CIOs innovate to build agile and adaptable infrastructures in order to improve the customer experience ?
Agile and adaptable infrastructures will help businesses be flexible when it comes to sudden changes in customer demands or market disruption . As CIOs become increasingly customer-centric , they need access to customer data . That data will provide insight into conversion rates , customer satisfaction scores and retention .
However , businesses are yet to realise the true value of obtaining and leveraging customer data . Logicalis ’ survey found that fewer than two-thirds are using it to develop new products and services that will appeal to customers ( 58 %), create targeted marketing strategies ( 57 %) and drive agility and speed ( 48 %).
Accessing and interpreting that critical business data will allow CIOs to adjust their strategy according to customer behaviours . For instance , in retail , customer data enables CIOs to understand who their customers are , how they shop , what they purchase and how they choose to engage with a brand . A CIO can then invest further in certain offerings that they know customers will enjoy , ultimately improving the customer experience and driving sales .
How should CIOs be strategically planning for future success ?
Technology is an essential element of success in the emerging digital economy . Companies can ’ t consider technology as an add-on to their strategy , they must align technology with their customer needs and establish how it can help them achieve their business objectives . An organisation ’ s success depends on the CIO ’ s ability to move from a functional leader to a strategic , customer-centric business leader . To do so , CIOs should leverage external experts to help drive more efficient customer engagements that connect them more directly with the customer . A third of Logicalis ’ Global CIO Survey 2021 respondents already see pandemic-driven changes in customer demands as drivers for outsourcing help . p
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