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CIOs are moving from a functional , to strategic and increasingly integral role for businesses – according to Logicalis ’ 2021 Global CIO Survey . Toby Alcock , CTO of Logicalis , discusses how the pandemic impacted the CIO role and how CIOs can ensure they keep up with the needs and demands of the modern customer .

The role of the CIO is evolving with an increased focus on unlocking customer connections through service innovation , according to the 2021 Global CIO Survey from Logicalis , a global provider of IT solutions . The study , which questions 1,000 CIOs from around the world , reveals the shift in the role of the CIO with the majority of respondents stating innovation , operational efficiency and customer experience as their top priorities .

Over the last 12 months , there ’ s been a notable shift in the defining aspects of the CIO role , with most respondents noting a significant increase in the time they now spend on innovation ( 79 %), strategic planning ( 77 %) and productivity ( 62 %). This is a stark contrast to previous years , where the majority of CIOs reported a lack of time to spend on both innovation and strategic planning .
Digital experience has become one of , if not the most , important way to reach , connect and communicate with customers in the new digital age .
CIOs are now tasked with revolutionising business infrastructures to tackle the modern world and increasingly digitally based interactions . Customers now expect to engage with businesses digitally as standard , and as a result companies need to innovate to redefine and elevate their customer interactions to stand out from the crowd . Over the last year , 73 % of CIOs state the importance of customer experience has increased and this isn ’ t slowing down any time soon .
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